Pipe-line &tank welding

Suzhou GENE Automation-Pipe line robotic welding tank welding robots

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With the increasing improvement of automated welding technology, robotic welding system gradually expands in pipe-ling and tank welding. The automatic robot welding system made by Suzhou GENE could fully guarantee the uniform welding effect with simple and friendly operation. It has become the main equipment for low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and ultra-high-pressure tanks, other industry tanks and pipeline welding.

For plate thick plates over 10mm, fillet welding, tailor welding with pre-weld processing at the interface, lap welding and other types of welding processing could be realized automatically with robotic welding system. The instant heating up and cooling by laser beam leaves a limited affected area and small material deformation. The whole robotic welding system strictly follows national, industrial and professional welding standard provisions.

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