Smart Factory &Made in China 2025

Release date:2017-12-26 13:05:28

Made in China 2025 comes up with Germany Industry 4.0 and USA industrial internet recent years, which indicates the start of new industry revolution. The core part of these concepts is intelligent production. While intelligent production consists of many smart modules. Therefore, when mentions smart factory, it refers to the intelligent technology applied in whole manufacturing process: production-logistic management-HCI (human-computer interaction)-3D printing-Planning etc.

Smart factory is the one the three high-end intelligent business of GENE group. One of the famous projects is “xxx autometallic parts manufacturing intelligent plant”. It’s the typical model for manufacturing companies and plays an important role in promoting. 

Suzhou GENE Automation Co., Ltd.-Smart factory -made in China 2025-robotic tending-kawasaki robots

This smart factory project is customized by using visual inspection technology, robot control technology, MES+ and other technologies. The application of visual inspection equipment, professional robot controller, group intelligence network controllers and others informatize and automate the transformation of the production line. The project effectively reduces the input of labor costs, improves production efficiency and product qualification rate, and reduces production cycle.

At present, GENE group has established a comprehensive marketing network in China, with 20 sales offices and 3 spare parts centers. In 2017, the robot sales exceed 2,000 sets. It focuses on industrial engine-based smart factory solutions, especially in the fields of automobiles and parts, new energy, 3C industry and special robots. Well-known projects belong to Huazhong Automobile, Shuanglin Automobile, Huaxiang Group, Shenling Elevator, KFMI, and Luzhou Laojiao, Xingda Group with signed contract volume over usd 210 million.

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