Welding Seam Tracking System

Laser 2D measurement system
Welding Seam measurement 2D contour measurement

Bending angle measurement, 360°-full range measuring without dead angle

Laser 2D measuring system combines stereoscopic vision technology and structured light for object 2D size measuring.

When laser beam exposures to object, laser light will show the same image of object outline. CCD collects the image for calibration operation and get the object surface dimension.

2D measuring system laser measuring system from Suzhou GENE Automation

Customized Service

-Customized as per workpiece size and measurements
-Different measuring range, speed and accuracy could be achieved by adopting high-performance devices at whole system

Technical Data

Model MSA-050 MSA-100
Height Direction Range 30mm 50mm
Height Direction Accuracy ±0.03mm ±0.05mm
Width Direction Range 50mm 100mm
Width Direction Accuracy ±0.05mm ±0.1mm
Computation Speed 40-200 Time /s 40-200 Time /s
Ambient Temperature 10-45℃ 10-45℃
Working Voltage 24V DC 24V DC
Current Below 3A Below 3A

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